Why Evaporative Cooler Installation Is For Professionals

An evaporative cooler is a home cooling unit that uses the evaporation principle to cool the air in your home’s living space. It basically resembles how seating keeps your body cool according to Amanda Robb. It is equipped with a water pump that drives water from a reservoir to a cooling pad, through which air passes to get cooled as the moisture on the pads evaporate. The blower or fan then distributes the cooled air to the desired space in your home. Of course, there are various types of evaporative coolers, some of which include direct coolers, indirect coolers, updraft, downdraft, and side draft coolers as well as portable units. The type you select should be able to efficiently and effectively supply your home or the desired section within the home with cool air adequately without failing or costing you more than it should. The swamp cooler may not be a very complex system in comparison to other cooling and air conditioning alternatives, but it definitely requires a professional during installation. Below are some reasons why evaporative cooler installation should be done by a professional.

1. Professionals Will Help With Sizing

Evaporative Coolers are not designed in a way that one size fits all. Just like sizing and capacity are important when choosing any other HVAC equipment, sizing is important when choosing a swamp cooler if you are to enjoy its many benefits. The right size for your home or space is the cooler that will supply cool air throughout the intended indoor space without having to work extra hard, since doing so would cause spikes in your energy bills, reduce the unit’s lifetime, and subject you to unnecessary, if not costly and frequent repairs to pay for. One of the biggest benefits of working with a professional HVAC company for evaporative cooler installation is that they’ll promptly advise on choosing the right unit for your needs.

2. Tools, Knowledge, and Experience

Yes, you can work with a non-professional, or even follow DIY installation guides but this will do you more harm than good. A professional installer, on the other hand, will have the right tools, expertise, and adequate experience to do the job well so that it doesn’t cause problems in future. They’ll tell you if you need new ductwork, or not. They’ll handle your task faster and better. A good, HVAC expert will also advise you with tips on evaporative cooler maintenance you can do yourself.

3. Licensing and Insurance

Working with a professional for evaporative cooler installation will also give you peace of mind in more than just a few ways. First and foremost, a professional HVAC contractor is a licensed, experienced, and adequately insured company. This means that you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law in case property damage occurs or the company’s employee gets injured while handling your installation project.

4. Professionals Care about Reputation

Professional HVAC contractors will always want your, their client to spread the word about the exceptional service they gave to you. They care about their brand and name in the industry, especially nowadays the HVAC business is full of competition, not forgetting that some of the players in the industry are scammers by profession. Hiring a professional HVAC contractor for swamp cooler installation is thus, a win-win, situation.